Uniplay – Playout Automation Software

Uniplay is Complete Solution for Broadcast Automation, Playout Automation and Character Generator Automation.

We have gone through each and every aspects of Broadcast and Playout automation workflow and came out with the Unique in its class Software Uniplay – The TRUE BROADCAST AUTOMATION SOFTWARE, because many company are providing the solutions for Broadcast Automation but they still not able to give full Automation for any requirement. But when it comes to Uniplay it has FULL PLAYOUT AUTOMATION of BROADCAST WOKLFLOW whether its Media Files or any type of Graphics. For example if Broadcaster need to Schedule any Spot Advertisement in the Movie he have to schedule that Group of Advertisement in particular time and this could be his Daily Task, But in Uniplay user have to schedule only Movie and no other things, Sounds intresting !!!

Yes it is Let me Tell you How… Okay… When Broadcast Operator makes the Library of Spot Advertiser or Sponsor what he have to do is just put that SPOT in Particular TIME ZONE(i.e 10 AM to 12 PM) or he have to define the number of SPOT’s only. BADA BING….BADA BOOM. The Group has been fixed to time frame.

Now whenever Broadcast Operator will schedule any Media File and if he had already set the Marker in that media file and which ever ZONE the Media File scheduled Uniplay will automatically Plays those affected Group of Spots.


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